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Choosing the right private school for your child, is crucial, as it is a very competitive private school market in Australia. The decision is often made by listening to the experiences friends and neighbours have had with private schools in the area. Often, these experiences are not relevant for you and an independent expert opinion on choosing a private school , can add enormous valuet. Regent has now serviced in excess of 700 clients and we are widely acknowledged as the leading experts in the field.

Educating your children is, in most cases, the most important investment you will undertake in your lifetime. Getting this decision right is crucial and most people simply make this decision with little or no independent guidance. We offer a range of specialised services that will help parents make more informed decisions about which private school their children should attend. Importantly, our advice is independent.

We provide cutting edge, under the waterline information

All our staff have all worked in many leading private schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and all have an intimate knowledge of the market, maintain their current teaching registration and regularly undertake casual work in the leading independent schools. This enables us to provide cutting edge, under the waterline information to our clients that isn’t found on websites.

We can come and meet you and your children, assess your needs and objectives via our unique questionnaires, then provide independent guidance as to which school or type of school best suits your needs. We provide a detailed report based specifically on your particular needs and we can also offer assistance with enrollments, school interview preparation and school tours and we also offer an advocacy service.

Our service is most beneficial to those parents who are undecided and want independent advice before they commit to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. We also help many clients who have narrowed their choice to a few schools and want some advice.

Totally independent, unique service

Regent Consulting is totally independent and has not entered into any arrangements with any schools or institutions.