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What should private school principals be paid?

In the wake of the MLC fiasco, we have seen a vigorous debate about what is the appropriate salary for a Principal. There have been several articles written comparing the former MLC heads package to what a government school principal or a company CEO gets paid. It didn’t read well with Rosa Storelli allegedly being […]

To IB or not to IB?

I am often asked by clients about the relative benefits of the IB (International Baccalaureate) program compared to the local curriculum offerings. Many have little or no idea about the IB or even what the letters stand for! There is also a perception that it isn’t overly relevant for their children in Australia or that […]

Lies, damn Lies and V.C.E results!

A head of a leading independent school told me some time ago that the yearly V.C.E results have a shelf life of about six weeks. It was an interesting observation with which I didn’t entirely agree, but I knew what he meant. Several years on from that comment and the analysis, discussion and the marketing […]

“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”

This phrase is attributed to Alexander Pope( albeit slightly different to his original words) and it is funny how phrases you heard as  a child crystallize when you are an adult. An old university friend of mine is Vice Principal at a prestigious school in Hong Kong and he often uses this phrase.  On my […]

Do academic results really matter?

academic results

As an ageing former teacher, one of the occupational hazards is encountering former students on a regular basis in the most unlikely places all over the world. I recently heard a “Hi Mr O’Shannassy” in the supermarket and turned around to see a 30 something mother with three kids in tow, who was a former […]