We are specialists in providing expert guidance and advice about choosing a school. We don't provide the service as an add on or part of a range of services, it is what we do every day and consequently, we are experts in the field. We are not marketing or internet experts trying to find you a discount place at an obscure school. Our people all have vast experience working in private schools and most importantly, our unique service is totally independent. We receive no commissions or inducements of any kind from any school. We have been operating since 2008 and we advise on schools in three states and China and our people present seminars all over the world on "choosing the right school for you child".

Our service involves a thorough analysis of your needs using our specially designed questionnaires and we write a comprehensive report, which is  tailored to your individual situation. Importantly, we are able to provide expert insights into schools beyond those mentioned on websites or in brochures. We provide on going support and advice after the initial consultation and our fees are very reasonable when you consider the size and importance of the investment you are about to undertake.

We save people time, money and importantly, provide them with an ability to make a far more informed decision than they otherwise would have.

Our service is relevent for anyone who is confused about what school is the best match for their children and wants under the waterline information, from an independent source. Many corporations use our service.


  Q. How long does the service take?

    A. The entire service involving two meetings, a full comprehensive report generally takes around 10-14 days. It can take longer at busy times of the year or we can prioritise you case if required.

    Q. How do we gather information about schools?

     A. All our staff have extensive experience working in Australia's leading independent schools and they all maintain their current teaching registration and  still regularly work in schools, so as to enable us to provide current, at the coalface information. We also have the benefit of feedback from over 300 families we have now placed in schools to help us.

    Q. What are the costs?

     A. Costs are on a case by case basis, as each family can present with very different situations, number of children and particular issues. Suffice to say, it is not a free advisory service and the fees are consistent with a family about to undertake a spend of several hundred  thousands of dollars and the significant experience and expertise we bring to the process.We also don't offer free advice over the phone or email. We strongly believe we are saving families money, not costing them. Our prices vary depending upon a range of circumstances.

   Q. What about waiting lists?

    A.  Significant waiting lists exist only for a some private schools and there are many without significant lists. We provide entry and advocacy strategies and we maintain that you are better off with our help than trying on your own, given we are invovled in the process on a daily basis.








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