Our Testimonials - Private Schools in Australia

Below are some of our satisfied customers whom we have helped in selecting the best out of the many private schools in Australia.

"We engaged the services of Paul O’Shannassy from Regent Consulting to help us with the task of choosing the right schools for our children. At the time, we were Melbourne expatriates living in Singapore and the thought of wading through the plethora of information, websites, statistics etc regarding private schools in Melbourne was daunting.

Through a series of questionnaires and discussions, Paul was able to determine the values, ethos and teaching methodology that was the right match between our children’s learning styles and  our family’s  values as well as the extra curriculum and logistical issues that need to be taken into account. What I have valued about Paul’s service, along with his professionalism, is the ‘below the level of the waterline’ knowledge / information that he shared with us that is often not available via websites, open days etc.  We are delighted with his service and gladly recommend him to others."


Deborah Pascoe-Singapore   


 " The schools in Hong Kong are absolutely overflowing and we were at a loss as to what to do. We were reading websites about Australian schools but getting a handle on the "real" story was very difficult as they are very good at marketing. Engaging Regent enabled us to make a much better decision and they opened up options we would never have considered in Sydney. The follow up since has also been excellent and we are happy to recommend them very highly"

Leo and Sue Oliphant -Hong Kong

" Despite us both having grown up in Melbourne, the process of finding the right school for our three chlidren was proving very confusing and time consuming. Just putting their names down on lists was costing 400-500 hundred dollars for each school.In reality, we were guessing about what was right. In hiring Regent, the whole process became so much clearer and less stressfull. They saved us money, time and stress and enabled us to make a much more informed decision. We are more than happy to recommend their service."

Garry and Lisa Connolly- Glen Waverley 

" Simply brilliant! We had to move to Sydney on very short notice due to work circumstances and we had no idea what we were doing. Regent were able to find a suitable private school, faciliate enrolment and the insight we gained from the consultations, was invaluable. I would strongly recommend them, as they  saved us time, money and made our transition so much easier"

D L Rulach-Christchurch New Zealand. 

"Having different gender twins, making the right decision about a private school was always going to be a difficult one. We had been to all the open days and heard all about the virtues of each school, however, we were still undecided. Engaging the services of Regent was the best thing we ever did. Paul’s knowledge of the market is exceptional and the guidance and advice he gave us helped us ultimately reach our final decision. Given the size of the investment we were about to undertake, it was money well spent and we would thoroughly recommend the service to anyone."

Suzy and David Smythe - Camberwell

"When I think of the significance of the decision we were about to make for our children, I can't believe now that we were going to do it without any expert guidance. I thought I knew something about the education market but after using Regent, I now understand things significantly better and we are now well placed to make  this important decision. It has also saved us a lot of legwork and provided us with an insight we would never have had investigating on our own from overseas. Getting help finding  the best matched private school in Sydney was one of the best investment we have ever made."

Mr K Lee- Singapore

Regent Consulting provided an invaluable service for me in finding the right school for my son.  At an extremely busy time in my life I found I needed to move interstate, and realised that finding a school at such short notice was not going to be easy. With a sense of rising panic, by happy accident I found Regent on the internet, and have been very happy with the service from beginning to end. In particular the questionairre was great for focusing on what the individual needs of the child are. And the end result? A happy child with a place at a wonderful school, and a much more relaxed mother!

Jennie Duggan- Byron Bay

" Choosing a school for my children reminded me of when we were having our first child. Everyone was there willing to pass on their "expert" advice, which in the end proved to be of little or no value as it usually reflected only their own experience. We just needed someone who was independent to analyse our situation and provide us with some expert guidence. We learnt so much by going through this process and we would thoroughly recommend Regent "

Henry and Liz  Egberts- Hong Kong

" Coming from Britian, we were really lost as to what to do. Regent walked us through the process step by step and explained all the technical information that was confusing us. Importantly, the process saved us considerable time and significantly reduced our anxiety levels. We have now placed our children in an excellent school that we would never have considered without Regent.

Joan and Martin Leary- Kuala Lumpar

"After arriving from Adelaide, we had no idea about the schooling system in Melbourne and we spent a lot of money putting our children's names on various waiting lists. Every person we spoke to had their own spin on the various schools and it only served to confuse us more, as did the open days. We engaged Regent and I cannot speak highly enough of the service and the enormous benefit it was to us in making our decision about schooling for our two children. To get some independent expert advice was invaluable and we feel far more comfortable about such a significant investment.

Louise and Tim Bilston - Glen Iris


 " With four children all with very diffferent needs, we were totally confused about where to send them. It was causing us stress and we were going around in circles. After engaging Regent, we have now chosen a school, one that wasn't even on our radar. We will probably spend close to half a million dollars on private education, so getting some professional independent advice made perfect sense. We were spending more money on one birthday party!"

Nick and Susie Anderson- Mentone



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