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Paul O’Shannassy-Managing Director- BEc(Hons), Grad Dip Ed,

Paul is a highly regarded practitioner who has vast experience in Education and he founded Regent Consulting in 2008. He forged an impressive career in Education, becoming a Deputy Principal of a leading private secondary school by his early thirties and he has also held many positions of leadership in Melbourne's private schools. Paul, a father of two, has 20 years experience working in Melbourne's leading private schools and has an intimate knowledge of the sector having worked at APS, ACC, ACS and AGS schools. During this period, Paul also successfully ran his own business conducting conferences and seminars.

In addition to his extensive education experience, Paul also has senior management experience in the training sector. Paul is an excellent facilitator and presenter and he has worked with many organisations and families, helping them make better decisions about choosing a school. Paul has also had several articles published on "Choosing the right school for your child" and is a recognised authority on the subject and presents seminars on the topic both in Australia and throughout Asia on a regular basis.


Email: paul@regentconsulting.com.au



China Expert


Roger Shen  is a Chinese Australian who was an associate professor of the Business School in Zhejiang University of Technology. He worked at the university for 11 years specialising in the study of Foreign Direct Investment in China. He is also the director of Global Institute for Zhejiang Merchants Development Research Centre in Australia.


Roger has experience working for the Governor of Zhejiang Province in the field of Education, Medical, Health and Social Development, while building up an extensive network with numerous universities, corporations and governments across China. Roger has particular expertise in liasing with goernments to enable major projects to proceed and he also consults to major organisations on how to conduct business in China.


He came to Australia in 2008 as a visiting scholar in the Business School of RMIT.  In 2009, he opened a migration company (Universal Freeway) to help businessmen from China obtain Business Skilled Visa or Significant Investment Visa. He has been devoting himself to being a bridge for people from China and Australia in areas of culture, education and business.









Jennis Kiellerup-Director- BEd, Grad Dip Arts-Melbourne

Jennis has a wealth of teaching experience in private schools and has an excellent knowledge of the Melbourne education market. Although trained as a secondary Drama and English teacher, she has also taught Grade 5 and 6 students. She has run Youth Theatre sessions at Arena Theatre in South Yarra. Positions of responsibility during her teaching career include; Careers Officer, Year 12 Tutor Teacher and Assistant House Teacher. A six year stint in retail management added a touch of the real world to subsequent teaching positions, giving her a breadth of experience to pass on to her students.

Passionate about Drama in Education, she was Director of Drama at a leading Melbourne girls' school for many years, where her Year 12 Drama and Theatre Studies students constantly achieved high VCE marks. A number of these girls were invited to perform in the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority's Excellence Series and Top Acts Show. Jennis was also employed by the VCAA as an examination reviewer. Her time in private schools offered her the opportunity to establish innovative and effective programs for girls and she has a keen eye for such programs.

Jennis' creative approach to establishing Drama programs has resulted in her students not only enjoying their classes but also being challenged in terms of developing ideas and technical skills. The interpersonal skills they gain in Drama are, of course, invaluable for their overall development. Her classes were always structured to ensure high standards of teaching and learning. She has a warmth and understanding that enables her to work closely and effectively with parents to help them make informed decisions.

At the end of 2006, after a wonderful career in private education, Jennis began working as a Civil Celebrant, using her drama skills in a different way. An honours graduate of the Monash University Civil Ceremonies course Jennis is now running sessions there in Drama Skills for Celebrants in addition to her consultancy work for Regent.


 Email: jennis@regentconsulting.com.au                          



ALISON HAY-Associate-BEd(Hons),MBA-Sydney Office

Alison has many years experience working in Australia's leading independent schools. During that time, she held many positions of leadership and also worked as a  state reviewer and also sat on several  exam setting and vetting panels. Several of her students have won Premier's Awards for excellence in her Year 12 subjects and she forged a reputation as one of the states leading teachers. As a mother and educator, Alison brings great insight to her role at Regent and she is excellent at building relationships and assessing the specific needs of the families she deals with. Alison loves spending time with her children, husband Matt and her dogs.

Email: alison@regentconsulting.com.au




Carly Landa-BA, DipED, GradDip-Manager Sydney

Carly has over 16 years experience working in various private schools within Sydney.

She has held leadership roles of Dance and Drama Coordinator, Assistant to the Deputy Principal and most recently Teaching and Learning Coordinator in a multi-campus private school. Carly has worked in both single gender and co-educational schools and has an excellent understanding of the NSW Curriculum, board of studies compliance and the National Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy programs.

Carly is a fluent French speaker, with her core teaching subjects in Performing Arts and Languages, including a knowledge and experience of English as a Second language.

Carly has also worked at a Tertiary Level; as a sessional tutor, practicum supervisor and university marker. With Qualifications include Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Education, Graduate Diploma of Arts (Theatre), she plans to purse in the near future a Masters in Educational Studies.

As a mother and an educator Carly understands the varying needs of individual children and the importance of finding the right school to ensure a child’s school life success, both socially and academically.

Email: carly@regentconsuting.com.au

Perth Office-Katherine Branchi

Katherine has worked as a secondary teacher in many of the leading private schools in Perth for over 14 years. She is an experienced teacher and has a very good understanding of education and the needs of students. Having worked in several coeducational and single sex environments, she has an insight to the workings of both systems.

In 2004 she resigned from her position as Head of Society and Environment in one of Perth’s private schools, to start a family. She now has two boys and in the last few years she has combined being at home with the boys, with part time work. During this time, she has had the opportunity to work in a number of private schools in Perth on a casual basis. This means Katherine has first-hand knowledge of the schools and this information is invaluable when providing advice about the various schools.

All parents want the very best for their children and as a mother Katherine understands one of the greatest gifts we can give them is a good education and this is not as easy as it sounds given the vast number of educational options available. Katherine has seen the challenges faced by friends and her own family when trying to make decisions about the best school for their child. This process is made all the more difficult if they have been away from Perth for some time or are settling in Perth for the first time.

Katherine’s knowledge of the range of private schools available in Perth means she’s well placed to assist in the process of selecting a learning environment that is suited to the needs of your child.

Email: paul@regentconsulting.com.au

Mark Harrington

Mark has an impressive background in education both in Australia and China .He has a Masters of Economics in addition to a Masters of Education, specialising in the IB program and he also has extensive experience teaching in several of Melbourne’s leading independent schools. Mark has had many teaching posts throughout China and he is certified by the Chinese government as a foreign expert in education and is a resident of China.

He is passionate about education and China and is uniquely placed to be able to speak with authority about education in both China and Australia. Mark is currently undertaking intensive study in Mandarin and is totally immersed in the Chinese Culture.

13815839570 ( china number)

Email: mark@regentconsulting.com.au